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  • Okay, I'm ready to get it done. What's next?"
    You have a couple of options here. You can contact us by phone or text at 801-382-7922 and discuss your coating and design choices over the phone or, if you are local, you are welcome to call and bring it by. If you disassemble the firearm yourself, it must be completely stripped, and a full inventory of all parts, pins springs must be included. We can not be responsible for items not on your inventory list. We want your project to be exactly how you envision it. Pictures can be very helpful!! If you are mailing it yourself, please include a copy of your drivers license. If you are an FFL, please include a copy of you FFL. Ours is available Make sure your firearm is well wrapped and protected against shipping damage. Double check to ensure that your Drivers License or FFL is included along with your Inventory. Ship to: BLACK ELK CUSTOMS 13951 South Ivie Farms Herriman, UT. 94096 Text or email the shipping info / tracking number so that we know when to pick up your items. We will call you when your project is complete. Payment can be made either on-line or over the phone. Once this is complete we will ship your firearm back to you to enjoy!
  • How do I ship my firearm to you for Cerakoting?
    Shipping a firearm is not difficult as long as you follow the process. Firearms MUST BE UNLOADED! We cannot emphasize this enough! It is illegal to ship a firearm and ammunition in the same package. Firearms can be mailed through UPS, FedEx and the US Postal Service (Long Guns Only for USPS). PLEASE NOTIFY US THAT YOU ARE SHIPPING A FIREARM TO US AND GIVE US A TRACKING NUMBER SO THAT WE CAN BE SURE TO MEET YOUR SHIPMENT WHEN IT ARRIVES. For details about shipping with UPS, click here: UPS Firearm Shipping DetailsPreferred For details about shipping with Fed Ex, click here: FedEx Firearm Shipping Details (We don't suggest shipping via FedEx if at all possible due to their hostile policy towards the 2nd Amendment and the NRA) For details about shipping with USPS, click Here: US Postal Service Shipping Details The Post Office will NOT ship handguns for you. Long guns are OK. We suggest taking them to one of the main, or larger Post Offices in your area because they have a lot more experience with firearm shipping. Some small Post Offices will not know how to go through the process.
  • Black Elk Customs FFL
    We are providing a copy of our FFL because you will need it to ship your firearms to us. Black Elk Customs FFL
  • Do you have to do a background check to send it back to me when it's finished?
    No. As long as it is being sent to the same address and person who sent it to us. See the full text here: "Any person may ship firearms directly to a licensee in any State, with no requirement for another licensee to ship the firearm. However, handguns and other concealable firearms are not mailable through the United States Postal Service and must be shipped via private common or contract carrier (18 U.S.C. § 1715). The USPS and private common or contract carriers may also have additional restrictions on firearms shipments by unlicensed persons. Firearms shipped to FFLs for repair or any other lawful purpose may be returned to the person from whom received without transferring the firearm through an FFL in the recipient’s State of residence. FFLs may also return a replacement firearm of the same kind and type to the person from whom received (18 U.S.C. § 922(a)(2)(A)). An ATF Form 4473 is required for the return of the firearm, except in instances when a firearm is delivered to a licensee for the sole purpose of repair or customizing, and the same firearm or a replacement firearm is returned to the person from whom received (27 CFR § 478.124(a))."
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